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This site provides the ability to recover passwords from hashes using modern dictionaries. This resource will be useful and beneficial primarily to those users who have a lot of hash algorithm is not possible to develop a high speed in their own system, or lack of necessary dictionaries. The difference from similar services.
- The lack of online search.
- No withdrawal.
- The appearance of the site (with the development of the service to spend more time service performance)
- The absence of a free search of such algorithms: md4, md5, sha1, lm, mysql, mysql5 (due to the fact that the Internet, and so there is a decent amount of such services, so that these algorithms, we did not communicate, by reason why create another copy).
- Search by dictionaries salty and heavy algorithms (free opportunity to recover passwords to 3 algorithms restriction can only add 10 hash function in hour, can be added to the main page).
- A large database of dictionaries, which is replenished every day, at the moment 3,939,041,324 unique passwords.
- The payment is only for the found passwords.To be able to use the services, you have to register, and then will be provided with enhanced service functions: You can recover the passwords to 21 hash algorithms free of charge ( sharing passwords - you find us, we will find you), each hash algorithm has its value.For free recovery you need to recover passwords from the list (not the ones that spread the others, this list is our own). This is done for the development of the project.For each recovered password on our list, you accrue points (Balance hashes), which can be spent on recovery of passwords.If you are not able to recover our password, you must make a contribution, in the amount of 500 WMR, after which you will be credited with 500 hashes.

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